All You Can Eat Lobster in a BUCKET $69.95
Keep refilling your seafood for a fixed price

Good Quality Seafood won't be in a buffet, because seafood won't last more than 30mins after it is prepared.  Our All You Can Eat Seafood are freshly made to order so it is still hot & refresh while serving.

From The Sea
  1. fresh
    Jumbo Crab Legs w. old bay
  2. fresh
    Shu Mai
  3. Live
    Lobster-Fresh never frozen
    Unlimited Fresh Whole Lobster, Steam or Ginger & Scallion Style. Unlimited Lobster Tails
  4. fresh
    Thai Herb Calamari
  5. Fresh
    Seafood Fried Rice
  6. Fresh
    Seafood Lo Mein
  7. fresh
    Crab Ragoon
  8. Fresh
    Baby Clam w. Black Bean Sauce
  9. fresh
    Mussel w. black bean sauce
  10. fresh
  11. fresh
    Flounder w. sweet spicy sauce
  12. fresh
    Clam Chowder
  13. fresh
    Jellyfish Salad
  14. fresh
    Seaweed salad
  15. Amazing
    Dungeness crab w. salt & pepper
  16. Crawfish w. old bay
  17. Live
    Fresh Blue Crab w. spicy sauce
    Fresh never frozen
  18. Fresh
    Jumbo Shrimp w. garlic butter
  19. Fresh
    Crispy Sea Bass w. house sauce
    whole fish w. bone--Fresh never frozen
  20. Fresh
    Raw Clam-Fresh never frozen
  21. Fresh
    Fried Scallop
  22. Fresh
    Blue Crab w. old bay
    Fresh never frozen
  23. Fresh
    Seafood Soup
  24. Fresh
    Shrimp w. Super Spicy Sauce
    whole shrimp w. head
From The Land
  1. Fresh
    BBQ Beef
  2. Fresh
    Broccoli in Brown Sauce
  3. Fresh
    General. Tso Chicken
  4. fresh
    Baby Back Ribs
  5. fresh
    Chicken Wing
  6. fresh
    Chicken Dumpling
  1. Fresh
    Spring Roll
  2. Fresh
    French Fries
  3. fresh

No extra charge for leftover if you can't finish what you order, however we would recommend you to bring leftover home with a reasonable charge to reduce the food waste :-)